I had outlined a boat with Boat Booking India in at Goa. It was an astonishing cruising experience. My associates who were reliant on me for this experience sport were additionally content with the experience of cruising in Goa. Much obliged alot. Will enthusiastically suggest Sailing in Goa experience for each individual visiting Goa once in a blue moon.

Mansi Sharma

It was totally unique and new experience of cruising in Goa by leasing a sail yacht as we have consistently had a water ride in ship till now. The mariner was astonishing as he guided us from the scratch. It is a strongly recommendable encounter of Sailing in Goa visit & etc.

Pontoon Booking India is the genuine clam of the ocean water experience and encounters in Goa. I and my companions has simply WOW insight while cruising in Goa

Courageous dinghy cruising ought to be one of the must get things done on the list of things to get of any guest/traveler to Goa.

Goa Kayaking, (which is an individual from the Goa Yachting Association) in relationship with Goa Sailboats and Goa Clube Aqua, has now dispatched Dinghy Sailing in Goa, to elevate the game to a wide scope of individuals, with no cruising experience required by any means.

Goa Sailboats carries cruising the hoping for recreational mariner, who simply needs to feel the breeze in his hair (and sails!) and experience the basic delights of cruising, in a generally straightforward and easy to understand setting.

Also, with regards to Dinghy Sailing, there's no preferable spot over the Hollant Velsao Bay, for your first or your fifteenth cruising outing!

This cruising region, appreciates agreeable exchange winds and view cruising in greenish blue waters, with a lot of daylight consistently.

This likewise makes it one of the best and most secure cruising regions on the West bank of India.

Guests and visitors/couples will have the option to appreciate the straightforward exhilirating rushes of cruising, in a protected and most basic way.

We will utilize the Walker Bay 10 - the most simple of cruising dinghies yet with all the delights of cruising packaged in!

or on the other hand the Seabird, a 18 footer which can convey upto 4 grown-ups serenely.

A cultivated mariner will go with two visitors in their mission on the waters for the following 2.5 hrs. as they make a pretty picture, hastening with the breeze in the Hollant Velsao Bay.

Get familiar with the fundamentals of cruising and a touch of hands on cruising procedures from our cordial mariners who are glad to share a portion of their cruising tips and deceives!

Furthermore, to top everything, watch a dazzling dusk from the waters - return satisfied, as the shadows protract on the obscuring waters!

All dispatches/putin will be from Hollant Beach, Vasco da Gama/close to Panaji.

Undoing and Refund Policy:

Under 30 days before start - no discounts

Over 30 days before start - half of charges discounted


Min.2 pax. Rs.2400/individual; gathering of 4 people Rs.1200/individual

Kindly comprehend we will be not able to affirm any reserving, until the installment reflects in our record.

Pre Booking installment for an excursion might be done as beneath.

Mail us your booking store token number, to empower us to rapidly check, recognize receipt and affirm your excursion

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